Pieter Stuyfzand Scriptie Prijs (PSSP)—MSc thesis prize

The board of the Dutch chapter of the IAH (IAH-NL) created the Pieter Stuyfzand Thesis Prize in honor of the retirement of Prof. dr. Dr. Pieter S. Stuyfzand in 2019 for his contribution to the development of hydrogeology in the Netherlands and worldwide and his dedication to the importance of hydrogeological fieldwork and university education. The IAH-NL Pieter Stuyfzand Thesis Prize is awarded every year to one (1) graduate who has written a thesis on a groundwater-related subject.

Aims of the prize

  1. To emphasize the importance of groundwater in the Netherlands and worldwide
  2. Stimulation and enthusiasm of early career hydrogeologists
  3. Generate attention for the importance of high-quality hydrogeology education in the Netherlands


The prize is awarded every December and consists of a certificate and an amount of 250 EUR, along with an invitation for a public presentation.


For the criteria and procedure for PSSP nomations please visit here