PSSP Criteria

The following criteria for the nomination and consideration of submitted theses for the PSSP have been set by the IAH-NL board.


  1. Graduated the previous year from a Dutch institution
  2. Open for IAH members and non-members alike
  3. Submitted theses, finalized in the preceding 12 months, will be considered until 30 September of each year
  4. Graduated on a groundwater / hydrogeological subject
  5. A thesis that can act as an example of high-level hydrogeological research and expertise in the Netherlands in terms of content and description.
  6. Selection will be determined by the IAH-NL board based on perceived contribution to the aims of the prize
  7. No correspondence to discuss during or after the selection proces
  8. To be considered, a thesis should be submitted, by graduate student or thesis supervisor, with accompanying short motivation (<half a page) by e-mail to the secretary of IAH-NL before October 31st of each year